acquires LimeExchange

* Acquires LimeExchange!
* Special New Years Present For Our Freelancers
* Dominates Anthill Cool Company Awards
* End of Year Withdrawal Schedule
* US$25,000 Freelancer Goes to Town Competition Closing Soon
* Documentary Team Needs You!

====================================================================== Acquires LimeExchange!

Today we are pleased to announce that we have acquired LimeExchange,
the online services marketplace run by LimeLabs LLC.

The 80,000 members of LimeExchange will be migrated across to our platform,
further enriching our growing online community.

The acquisition further secures Freelancer as the world's largest
online services marketplace and our existing Freelancer community will
benefit immensely from this transaction.  Employers will have access
to a much deeper pool of talent and Freelancers will benefit from
the increasing number of projects being posted.

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