Latest Free Browsing Code For 2GO

 This 2go trick Works For Only Glo Users Currently, But we're still testing tricks, and Very soon, i'm coming out with the latest Mtn, Etisalat And Airtel trcik Code For 2go Free Browsing On Mobile Phones and Pc.
 follow this 2go Free browsing trick Tutorial, And You can Chat On 2go For Enternity or throughout 2012.

 then use 
 if you do not Have the glo default configuration,
Send Internet to 1234 do this by typing INTERNET in your message and send it to 1234.

 2. If you're using Java Phone, you need to create a working prov file, you can do that by visiting and Create your Prov File With this 2go free chatting Details.
 Apn-> glomms
 Port-> 80
 Username-> don't type anything.
 Password-> don't type anything.

 Save it and download it, then use it As your default settings.

 For Symbian phone users, don't worry, just Create a new Settings with the same free 2go chatting trick Above.
 Then open Your 2go mobile chatting application and see how free you're chatting

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