2go tips and tricks: How to get 2go credit for free, Latest 2go cheats and tweaks.

2go Tips And Tricks; Get 2go credit for free with this tweaks.

This is another latest trick coming from Freebrowsingtime and this tweak is one of the latest in town.
I decided to share this tweak with our followers.

You can now have as much as 3,300 2go credit on your 2go profile for as low as 90.00Naira.
With this 2go tweaks, you can now buy the 1,100 2go credit worth 100naira with just 30Naira.
This tweak rocks, please, follow the tweaks below and give your testimonies.

Step By Step Guide To Get 2go Credit For Free.This trick on 2go wil get you 1,100 Gocredit on 2GO with just N30.
But if you're doubting, then let us see for ourselve.

You must have 30.00 Naira on your phone for this tweaks to work.

Step 1: Open your 2go Account.

step 2: Go to your profile, then go to edit, just scroll down and you will see something like
get go credit click it.

step 3: After clicking on get 2go credit.
You'll see
300 gocredit (30NGN)
550 gocredit(50NGN)
1,100 gocredit (100NGN)
Step 4: Now here is the trick.

Just go to the 1,100 go credit link which is worth 100NGN.
Then you will see send text message, just press NO
Then go back to get 300 gocredit for (30NGN)
Then click it and press allow to send text message.
You just go and check your go credit in your profile it will be 1,100 go credit instead of 300 go credit worth 30Naira.

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