Blackberry Tips: Create Lovely Pictures on your Blackberry Phone, Use it as Dp and Share on Facebook easily!

This is another great tutorial that i want to share with you today, sorry this is for blackberry users only.
There is an application called "Picstory".
It is one of the blackberry Application that thousands and millions of blackberry users love so much in the blackberry Application World.

This blackberry application called picstory is Fun to Use and easy to understand.
Do you know that a picture speaks more louder than a thousand words? That's for sure.
This is what picstory is actually created.

PicStory is application that creates a story in your photos and shares them on your BBM(BlackBerry Messenger) Profile Social Platform.
You can View your friends' story, Like it and Comment on their profile pictures.
You can also Share, invite and make new friends with this new application.

PicStory, i'm telling you, is actually the next big thing on the BBM Social Platform that is sure going to spread like wildfire.

With PICSTORY, You can create really cool pictures, Share it on your BBM Display Picture and you can also Upload the pictures to your Facebook Profile for FREE!.

have you ever come across beautiful pictures that is up to three to four Layout containing three to four different Pictures in a single column.

Then the pictures with more than four are created with Picstory App for Blackberry.
PLEASE NOTE THAT: Most People are complaining about Saving the Image after Creating it in Picstory.

Well the Problem will be solved today from this tutorial, read carefully.


Step 1.
You must first download the Picstory Application to your Blackberry using your Phone. Please, use your Blackberry Normal Browser to download this application.

Download and Install it to your blackberry Phone.

Step 2.
After you have finished downloading it, Open the Picstory application.
Then Click on the
''Share My Picture ''.
A Layout will appear on your screen, You can also change the Layout by clicking on the window icon on 

the left side of the Application.

share picstory

Step 3.
Click on the Layout Displayed at the Center View of the App and Choose any Image from your Phone, then Zoom it out until it has perfectly fit the Layout Space, Do the Same to the three or More Layout using Different Pictures to make sure that it suits your taste.

After you are Satisfy with the way the Image Looks on your blackberry mobile phone, Click on the Arrow Icon ( => ) at the Top Left of the application Tools Bar,
Then Scroll down and Click on the Tag your Picture Option,
Then you click on the Share Button.

=>when it wants to share, You will be ask if you want Picstory to Update your display Message.
Just Click Cancel,
Then click on OK. 
Now Exist the Picstory Application and Check your BBM Display Message.
It will be Changed to your current update.

You also have to Save the Image Created from your BB Display Picture if you want to Upload it to Facebook or for other Uses.
It's still your choice!.

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