make money doing real and genuine online surveys

There are legitimate ways of making money online by doing genuine surveys.
They exist, only that we look around for surveys where there are none.
In deciding which surveys to do, you must first consider the options available to you.
how often do you want to receive and reply surveys because once they start coming in, you will be surprised at the level of work piling up for you if you do not respond in time. It is always advisable to have a dedicated e-mail address for your surveys so that you will not miss out any of them. Genuine surveys do exist online.
You only have to looking the right places for them and you will get them as much as you want and desire. In payouts for surveys, there are a lot of options available. This may depend on the survey company. some will pay by pay pal, check or by gifts. others allow for e-payments like liberty reserve, money bookers, etc.
surveys helps companies in various sectors of the economy to know how well their products are doing in the market.
It's up to you to determine which one you want and the corresponding payment option. Best advisable to have all the payment options as most survey companies use pay pal. Once you have registered with a survey company, follow you e-mails promptly and answer each surveys as they come. some might be simple forms for you to fill while others might be 2-5paged forms. also questionnaires do come as part of surveys.
The beauty of surveys is that in the mails you will get from the survey company, there will be paid e-mails referring you to other genuine survey companies. this will enable you to get more surveys and make more money. 


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