How to attract women without doing anything

If you wanna learn how to attract women, there’s a secret that goes far beyond pickup lines, routines, NLP or anything remotely similar."

When you possess this secret, you’ll be able to walk into a room, any time you want… and have the most attractive women in the room approach YOU, wanting to hook up with you.
It’s the secret behind why actors or athletes can walk into a room, and within moments, seemingly have every single hot woman in the room is approaching them, flirting, handing small papers with their phone number on it
… Very often, without even asking!
If you’ve never seen this happen with your own two eyes, you might think its nothing more than fantasy, but it does happen… only to a select few men.
I actually saw this happen one night at a posh club here in South Beach, Miami. I’m standing next to the bar with a buddy of mine… we watch this go down, meanwhile, the actor was F’ed up on something (booze, blow or who the hell knows what), he could barely keep his eyes open…
And with the actor barely saying a word, woman after woman approached him… the only thing running through my mind was “HOLY FUCK! Theres gotta be something to this… he’s attracting women without doing ANYTHING!”
It all comes down to having a higher status than the women you wanna meet. When you do this, you can attract women without really doing anything.
If you wanna learn how to attract women without really doing anything, you need to learn how to convey that you have a higher status than her. Thats the secret.


  1. Hmmm really nice post. i was placed on suspension when after reading to the second paragraph not knowing the real thing yet. but its really nice and simple. having higher status. cool blog.

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