How to Make Money From Your Blog or Content Website

How to Make Money From Your Blog or Content Website

It is the blinkered thinking which is stopping many bloggers and content website owners from realising the commercial potential of their sites. There are actually dozens of ways of making money from a good content website. Here are over 30 ways that I have come across. Please add any others in the comments below.


Text Ads – short text ads automatically displayed on a page based on the context of the content. Google AdSense dominates the market.

Display Ads – Banner and button ads displayed at the top or to the side of content

Video Ads – Short video ads embedded into a page. They can be auto-play (annoying!) or be clicked to play. There is usually an example on the home page

In-Content Ads – Ads that are linked to keywords within articles. Learn more at

Classifieds – User submitted classified ads. Craigslist is the gorilla, but lots of content websites have niche classifieds. Take a look at"

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