Making Money with Adsense sharing sites

There are a lot of ways to generate funds in to your adsense account. there are lots of adsense sharing sites and sites that you can post content to and get paid. These sites also gets you backlinks to your blogs/websites and thus generate traffic for you.

In order to make some money, you will have to register with this sites and most importantly, register with google adsense. your pub- publisher id will have to be inputed to your account settings and saved.

you can also promote using social bookmarking

Hubpages They give you 60 % of adsense, Kontera, eBay, and Amazon (what you choose to put

You get 75 % of the adsense ads impressions and Chitika ads

You Say.
Make money with Adsense and Amazon, the will share 50% with you.

She Told Me :
keep 100% of your adsense and make money with Chitika

Others include
TipDrop: 75 % adsense
TagFoot: share 50 % AdSense, Amazon, Kontera and Chitika
Flixya : 100% of the revenues
Indiastudystudychannel : 90% of adsense revenue

Watch out for full reviews of good and paying paid to read,click,write promote sites.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I will check some of them out! I love Hubpages! It's a good way to get writing experience and feedback.

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    Thank you

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