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For Bloggers/webmaster's in search of higher incomes from Google AdSense, a lot of AdSense publishers are looking for those keywords that really bring the best possible result. More an advertiser pays for a keyword, the more the advertiser receives when they click on a link.

But how can you find the words to your site? Well, this depends a bit what you are and what you're willing to do to get those keywords. However, the new interest is that you can really find the words, if you need it.

Of course, if you can afford such a solution, one of the best ways to get their hands on these words would be to pay for them. There are specialized companies that do business by finding people good keywords, not only for the purpose of AdSense revenue but for seo as well.

This service can be found in the "Top Paying Keywords
and this is a breeze to get relevant content for the site and increase the income of an entire group quickly.

Of course, if the solution does not work, you may be using the method of personal investigation. This means that use keywords to search for yourself and see which ones work better or worse for you.

Even if you can do it for the first method (paying someone else to get the keywords) it would probably be better than that because you would at least limit the search to certain things.

When you try this be sure to keep using AdSense's 'channels' feature along the way, because it can be a good way to let you know which parts of the site is current and what is not.

Of course, you can also give a lot of AdSense with Overture nemesis. Overture allows you to enter keywords and discover not only how much advertisers pay to put them on your page, but how many people click on the words as well. This service can be found at:

You can also try the tool Wordtracker. What this tool can do is say how many sites are already using the same keywords. Learn from this lesson and try not to use words that many people already use.

Even a big support could be found by Google. Search Google for the keywords you should include the pages and see the results. The results on the left, probably your competitors (and if they have Google AdSense ads on your page then you can bet on), while the link at right to display ads related to your search.

If your search yields no results AdSense, you might want to reconsider including those keywords on your site.

Make sure you are not dead words (words that do not receive any links on AdSense other then public. This is probably the most important thing you should do.

Of course, these are just a few ways out of the dead zone and start making serious money with AdSense. If you've seen a lot of people "so as not to hot" sites generate a lot of AdSense revenue, using these tips can you get behind them (or before if you're really smart) very fast. Although this is the case, it is also very important to remember to have the highest paying words does not mean you earn the most money. You should also consider how often the ad is clicked.


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