How A Fat, Bald Guy Kissed A Model

 There once was a time when I would walk into a bar, look at all the beautiful women having fun with guys who were NOT me, and get depressed.
So I'd start drinking, and that would only make me more depressed. Eventually I'd go home alone, hating the world, hating women, and most of all, hating myself for not even  TRYING to have fun.

Bars and clubs can be an intimidating environment. Until recently, it wasn't in my reality to believe that I could actually make out with a girl in either location.
Sure, I'd seen guys do it before, but to think that *I* could was just beyond any logical reasoning my mind could grasp.

I've found this is a *key* concept in understanding any interaction with women.
When you enter a situation you may feel uncomfortable with, the natural inclination is to be overwhelmed by the FRAME your environment presents.

If you allow this to happen, you effectively give up any control over your behaviors and actions. This is the worst possible thing you can do if you are hoping to meet the girl of your dreams.

Controlling your FRAME, and setting the right FRAME, as opposed to adopting the FRAMES presented to you, is the most powerful tool there is in getting a woman.
Allow me to demonstrate what I mean

I was recently in a very trendy club in Los Angeles. It was the kind with some low level celebrities, some incredibly beautiful women, some incredibly rich men, sexy go-go dancers swinging around on poles, trendy techno music, and tastefully pornographic movies projected on the walls.


So there I am, a guy who's about 50 lbs. overweight, who's bald, and who makes $30 Grand a year, hob-knobbing with models and porno stars.
And wouldn't you know it, the same feeling I got when I went to a bar in the past began to creep up on me. But because I was able to understand the concept of controlling my FRAME, I was able to do something amazing.

I set the frame that I'm having a good time, that all the girls in the club liked me, and that I was going to have fun with them. Before long, I found myself in a conversation with a beautiful girl who is a model.

In fact, she told me she's going to be on the next season of "America's Next Top Model." Because I approached her with a strong frame of having fun and that I was the PRIZE, she was very responsive to me.

She eventually got dragged away by some friends (as is apt to happen in clubs).

Thanks to

Now, I can now go into a club without that sinking feeling of depression dragging me down, because I know it is possible to not only have fun, but to meet any girl I want and make-out with her! You just gotta have the right frame.

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