Which Do you Prefer. Pepsi Cola is Better than Coca Cola! VOTE NOW!!

Which Do you Prefer.

Is Pepsi Cola is better than Coca Cola? VOTE NOW! With this, your vote counts! How do I mean? It is time for the Nigeria Food Industry Awards 2011. You have the opportunity to vote for your choice food industry. Why note vote now and let the world know that Pepsi Cola is better tha

oca Cola? Nigeria Food Industry Awards 2011 The vision of the Nigeria Food Industry Awards 2011 is to move the Food Industry to a greater height and promotes optimum food security. While our mission is to position the food industry as number one contributor to the major growth and development of Nigeria by 2015.

Objectives of the Food Industry Awards 2011
• Is to honour and celebrate the individual and corporate organizations in the food industry for job well done.
• To appreciate excellence, applaud genuine efforts at advancing the development of the food industry, encourage the growth and development of the industry and inspire other to work for the uplift o the food industry.
• To create healthy competition among the companies and organization in the food industry, thereby raising the standard of production, food quality control, food assurance and food safety etc, hence increasing food security and customer satisfaction and acceptability.
• The award would be a unifying point for companies and organization in the industry to chat a way forward for the industry.
• The award is to facilitate strict adherence and compliance to national and international food laws and standards which is on of the criteria for nomination, thereby reducing the problems and challenges of NAFDAC and other food regulatory agencies

• The award would create a plat form for customers to nominate and vote based on the categories of awards and makes their interest known.

• The award will increase the level of exposure of the food industry to investors hence developing our indigenous industry.
• The award would increase the patronage of the industry and increasing the GDP of the economy.
• To celebrate all the companies an organizations in the food industry for their contribution to the economy.
The Food Industry is a complex and global collection of diverse businesses that combine to supply most of the food produce consumed widely by Nigerians and the world at large. Thus, the industry has become indispensable in the world we live today.

Its indispensability and immense contributions to economic development of nations cannot be over-emphasized. In order to improve and sustain the industry as well as the pace at which this hub of all economies move, a conscious development agency both private and governmental, will stop at nothing in offering opportunities and reward excellence in the industry. This is the benchmark to which Yoshinto Food Consulting Firm has swiftly moved.

Now, you can vote for your choice food brand in the following categories;
- Best Fast Food Outlet of the Year
- Best Noodles of the Year
- Best Fruit Juice of the Year
- Best Food Seasoning of the Year
- Best Beverage Drink of the Year
- Best Packaged Water of the Year
- Best Malt Drink of the Year
- Best Alcoholic Drink of the Year
- Best Soft Drink of the Year
- Best Beef Sausage Roll of the Year
- Best Milk of the Year
- Outstanding Contribution Award
- Food Industry State of the Year
- Food Industry Bank of the Year

To vote for your choice food industry in the above categories, simply go tohttp://nfiawards.com/  and START VOTING!!! The Awards will be coming up by the end of this year is Abuja, Nigeria.

Thanks to Adesoji Adegbulu .


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