Best Survival Tips for Schooling in the UK

     Living and attending college in the UK has its challenges and its opportunities. Here are five tips to help you cope with the challenges you may face and take advantages of the opportunities around you.
Money is tight for most students so traveling can be hard to do, but living in the UK offers a unique opportunity for cheap travel. There are various types of public transportation, many of which offer student discounts. Remember to look for student discounts when buying bus, train or Tube passes. Also, check out sites such as for student discounts on flights and hotel rooms. So, give yourself a break from all the studies and take advantage of the UK’s easy access to the rest of Europe and travel cheap!
School work and college life can be overwhelming and it can be hard to find the time to or even remember to exercise.  Weather can hinder exercising outside and gym passes can be expensive, so check out your college’s gym facilities, which are generally free for students to use. Or, if the gym isn’t your forte, take a sports or exercise class.  There are a variety of classes offered that are of a physical nature, so there is sure to be something that suites you. Keeping exercise a part of your regular schedule is important and will help you in your studies.
There never seems to be enough money to go around, but there are ways to make saving a little easier.  Apply for financial aid, student loans and/or scholarships. Take the time to apply to one or all of these because it might just pay off.  Another piece of advice is to BEWARE of credit cards. Students are easy prey for credit card companies and it can be easy to fall in to their trap. Credit cards create debt fast and debt can be scary. If you do get a credit card do your research and be wise about your choice.
Getting enough sleep, especially during college years, is vital. Studying, and actually comprehending what you study, will be easier when you have enough sleep. A lack of sleep can lead to illness and can heighten your stress level, which can have a negative effect on your studies. You will be more effective in your studying, writing and test taking when you make time for plenty of sleep.
Study Abroad/Internships
Check out your school’s study abroad and internship programs and take advantage of them. The UK’s location is ideal for numerous study abroad and internship opportunities, and many schools have specific programs that can make it easy and even non-expensive to benefit from these programs. And you don’t necessarily have to study abroad in Europe, there are programs for studying in the U.S., Australia and many other countries. See what your school has to offer through your academic advisor, a professor or your school’s website.



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