Will facebook become a paid site?.

News of facebook becoming a paid site’s been in the media and it’s having a ripple effect on it’s users.
Groups against this has sprung up on facebook urging users to resist it if true.

Another message outlined the false membership subscription prices and the ability to opt out of the charge by reposting the message.

Facebook just released their price grid for membership. $9.99 per month for gold member services, $6.99 per month for silver member services, $3.99 per month for bronze member services, free if you copy and paste this message before midnight tonight. When you sign on tomorrow morning you will be prompted for payment info...it is official it was even on the news. Facebook will start charging due to the new profile changes"

Besides, whats the point of making a social networking site into a paysite when there are so many free and possibly better competitors on the Internet. That would hardly make them any money, so the answer is clearly a 'no'.
It's a lie! Lie! Lie!

The truth remains Facebook is and will remain free to the people, because if they make it a pay site, then they will have less members, and if they have fewer members, they won't be able to earn money out of advertising the users' stuff.

Simplicity, and free usage makes Facebook so popular, and I doubt that everyone will actually start paying for Facebook if they do make it a pay site.
It's just a rumor, like the one about MSN shutting down, or MSN becoming a pay site.
Don't believe all that.

That sort of "becoming a paid site" stuff floats around just to push up (or down) stock prices. You'll never have to worry about FB or MySpace or Neopets or any other site becoming paid, because their business model revolves around ADVERTISEMENTS.

The more people who see those ads, the more money they make. Charging for the service would cut down on the amount of impressions (people seeing the ads) without being able to make up for the loss of income.

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