The Unchanged Facts About Legitimate Paid Survey Programs

The problem with paid surveys is the inaccessibility of genuine ones, and most of the time the ones that appear to be genuine rarely gives
legitimate paid surveys apart from the welcome surveys(that is, if at all you get one) between $1 to $5. The only way to really gain from these legitimate paid surveys is to engage in their referral programs.

There is no 100 percent legitimate paid survey site. Perfection of a paid survey site depends on a lot of factors like:
1. DO THEY ACCEPT UNIVERSALLY? Most genuinely paying legitimate survey sites don’t really accept people from some countries. They tend to restrict their membership to some nationalities, this limits the opportunities of surfers.

2. IS THERE PAYOUT LIMIT ATTAINABLE? When comparing a site’s payment rate, one can really determine if members can really attain the payout level set by the program site. Most times you discover that some surveys accepts people and at the end of the day, the payout level discourages the members. Most ones that pay promptly do not accept members universally, compared to the ones that accepts universally.

There are scam alert for some legitimate survey sites. Unrealistic situations in online survey sites is the nature of their scam, calculated to deceive people and waste precious time and resources.
The scams come in these forms:
1) Unatainable payout limits.

2) High and unrealistic payments for completion of surveys, "beware of get paid for survey sites that offer of $75 or $100 just for a survey".

3) Online paid survey sites that ask you to make certain payment for an upgrade.

How to know a genuine survey site when accessing the internet, especially when in search of a survey company. There is a likelihood that you would stumble upon genuine and scam survey sites, the ratio of genuine and paying legitimate survey to scam is 40:60.
The result is that we only have few legitimate survey sites that register people freely and as well pay promptly. You can know these sites by people's reviews, and a fair condition of payment i.e. payouts and realistic earnings. Your opinions on paid survey will be highly appreciated.

This is a guest post by Oluwayomi Obadina of Internet Investment Ideas Blog - Make Money Online Tips, Affiliate Marketing Tips, High Yield Investment Tips and Paid Survey Tips.


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