How to install 2go chat on computer or laptop (PC)

Its not news that 2go chat messenger can be used on computer or laptop (PC).i have been using it for some time now and i thought it would be nice sharing it with you guys since some of us make use of our computer almost everyday and would also like to connect with friends and love one's on 2go chat. before you can use it, you must first of all install 2go on your PC,sound cool hun.i know you would like to experience this version on PC.
some of us might have been using it, but for those of us who do not no about it,then, this post will guide you on how to install 2go chat on your computer.

the procedure is not will need to install java run time before it will work, so type on Google java run time download and install it.
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how to install 2go on computer or laptop (PC)

==> visit and click on PC 2go from the navigation bar.

==> from the next page, choose your country, insert your phone number,insert your password, then click login.

==>from the next page, click on the 2go icon to start the download.

==> after downloading, lunch it and click on start, woo-la you are logged into your 2go account on your PC.just use the cursor to click on any item or use the keypad on the emulator.

NOTE: you must have java run time installed before it will work.
you can now see how easy it is to use 2go on computer.

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