International Design and construction Jobs.

Design Manager.

The Role

• Prepare Development Briefs and Design Briefs for the various
 components of the project
• Preparation of RFPs for the appointment of specialized consultants
 as deemed necessary
• Review and recommend for approval design concepts and design
 solutions prepared by the Project Design Consultants to ensure that
 all design proposals presented are acceptable aesthetically, functionally
 and are in accordance with local codes and standards
• Perform all tasks related to the coordination and management of the
 project design process where a number of consultants and other stakeholders are involved
• Review and recommend for approval of the proposed design specifications for the project
• Monitor the progress of the design process and ensure all deliverables 
are timely submitted as per the approved Project Design Schedule
• Control of the project design budget and resolutions of claims and other 
contractual issues related to the design phase of the project.
• Advice on all architectural and design related issues during the project 
construction period.


• Must have a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering
• Minimum of 15 years of professional experience
• Specific experience in development, design, and construction of hotels 
and tourism projects
• Must have worked on a project where a renowned Design Consultant 
was involved
• Relevant experience by working on the Client side
• Relevant experience to manage and coordinate the design process that i
nvolves a multi-disciplinary project team
Omran aims to capitalise on the unrivalled natural scenery, the year-round 
sunshine, and the rich heritage of Oman in order to diversify the economy 
and offer new opportunities to the Omani people. In doing so, Omran helps 
to promote Oman as a unique Middle Eastern destination. 

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