Finally Googorola deal approved by EU as Google buys Motorolla

As expected, the European Commission rendered their verdict on the pending merger between Google and Motorola Mobility, and the verdict brings good news for the Mountain View company. The European Commission was likely to be one of the biggest hurdles Googorola would need to overcome to get the deal approved, and Europe today officially blessed the deal.
Hot off the heals of the European Commission’s approval, the U.S. Department of Justice also approved the deal this afternoon, leaving China, Israel, and Taiwan as the only countries left to weigh in on the deal.
With approval from the U.S. and a blessing from Europe, it looks all but certain that Google will be allowed to merge with Motorola in early 2012. Google is now awaiting approval from a handful of jurisdictions around the world, and the deal is likely to close as early as the next few months.
With this merger, we hope that the combined company will either completely rework Motorola’s UI overlay, or ditch it altogether in favor of stock Android. We also hope that Google will stick to its ways of offering unlockable bootloaders on all of Motorola’s phones, something the development community has been waiting on for over a year now. Time will tell how the merger plays out, and whether the two companies will largely integrate or remain separate operating units.
What do you hope for in Googorola?

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