MotoGoo, Motoogle, or Googola -- a big deal any way you slice it

Google just bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Cringe isn't sure the Googlers will know what to do with it.
This is an epic day for more than just business reasons. Motorola is one of a handful of companies responsible for creating the industry that pays my mortgage, and I don't mean blogging. And its history with cellphones is equally storied.
Until the iPhone came along, Motorola pretty much defined mobile phones, starting with the original DynaTAC in 1983, the first flip phone (the StarTac), and the first looks-so-cool-I-must-have-it fashion phone (the Razr). Then came the ill-fated Rokr and a long sojourn in the handset desert, followed by a recent comeback, thanks in large part to a a series of snazzy -- and some not so snazzy -- Android phones.
Sadly, I have one of the less snazzy ones: the Motorola Cliq, which is underpowered and overburdened with a godawful Blur "social interface" that does nothing but drain battery life and annoy me. I blame T-Mobile, not Motorola, for this monstrosity. Short of Google also buying a mobile carrier (like Sprint, which seems to be standing in the corner waiting for somebody to ask it to dance), I'm not sure GooMoto would be able to do anything to fix that.
Googorola deal approved by EU

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